Domestic violence* is an unfortunate part of life for many people. According to Al‑Anon Family Groups Headquarters recent membership survey, 56 percent of members have experienced abuse and 11 percent are still experiencing abuse.**

Julie, an anonymous Al‑Anon member, shares memories of physical abuse and alcohol addiction in her childhood home and her marriage to an alcoholic, and subsequent divorce. She narrates the sadness and struggle, and eventual healing, support, and personal recovery that she found in Al‑Anon.

Al‑Anon and Alateen, for teens, provide support to anyone affected by someone’s alcoholism. Ninety‑three percent of members report that their lives have been very positively affected by Al‑Anon Family Groups and forty‑two percent that receive professional services and attend Al‑Anon meetings feel that since coming to Al‑Anon, they have seen an improvement in their treatment, counseling, or therapy.**

*While Al‑Anon can assist you with your recovery from the effects of a relative or friend’s drinking, our program does not provide counseling or immediate resources for domestic violence. Please be assured that you are not alone and take action for your safety. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911 or your local police department.

**2018 Al‑Anon Family Group Membership Survey


The opinions expressed in the video were strictly those of the individual who expressed them.