Find Support With Al-Anon’s Free Downloadable Items

Since its founding in 1951, Al‑Anon Family Groups published more than 100 books and pamphlets that share Al-Anon’s single purpose: to help family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking. This literature supplements the face-to-face meetings where Al‑Anon members share their insights and experiences with each other.

Al-Anon literature develops entirely from the writings of Al-Anon members throughout the world. Al-Anon literature is usually available at Al-Anon meetings. Some cities, states, and provinces have their own Al-Anon literature distribution centers, where a larger variety of literature is available for purchase.

Literature is also available for purchase on Al-Anon’s on-line store.

Here is a list of free downloads that provide more information about how Al-Anon can help families and friends of alcoholics:

Are You Troubled by Someone’s Drinking? (20 Questions) (S-17)

Twenty questions help families and friends of alcoholics identify a need for Al-Anon.

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Has Your Life Been Affected by Someone Else’s Drinking? (S-20)

Twenty questions for young people affected by alcoholism to decide if Alateen is for them.

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Did You Grow Up with a Problem Drinker? (S-25)

Twenty questions for adult children of alcoholics to decide if they can benefit from Al-Anon.

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Detachment (S-19)

Easy-to-use handout explains the basics of detachment from alcoholism.

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Information for Educators: Alateen Meetings in Schools (S-64)

Answers the questions educators ask about Alateen, for young people affected by someone else’s drinking.

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Alcoholics, Their Families, and the Judicial System (S-65)

Helps lawyers, judges, family advocates, and other legal professionals refer families and friends of alcoholics to Al-Anon. Four pages.

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Fact Sheet for Professionals – English (S‑37E)

Fact Sheet for Professionals, English

Ideal information about the family disease of alcoholism for professionals, including counselors, doctors, and teachers.

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Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Native Americans/Aboriginals (S-67)

Outreach tool for Native communities describes the benefits of the Al-Anon program. Six pages.

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Al-Anon: Then and Now (AR-2)

Al-Anon Then and Now pamphlet

A brief history of Al-Anon Family Groups, from the beginnings of A.A. to the present.

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Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes All People of Color (S-68)

Outreach tool for people of color to help identify a need for the Al-Anon program. Six pages.

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Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Adult Children of Alcoholics (S-69)

Outreach tool for those who grew up with alcoholism. Six pages

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Resolution of Gratitude to Alcoholics Anonymous

Presented to Alcoholics Anonymous on July 7, 2018 at the 2018 Al-Anon International Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Al‑Anon’s Cofounders (P-87)

The story of our cofounders is the story of the principles of Al-Anon in action.

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