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Terms of Use

How does a person "qualify" as a member of Al-Anon in order to register with the app?

During the registration process, each person registering must attest that they have a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend. Just as in the rooms of Al-Anon, there is no further qualification process for someone to be a part of Al-Anon.

Create an account

1. Open app and choose language

2. Press “Sign Up”

3. Page 1 – Sign Up

a. Fill in text fields* then press “Next”

i. * A profile image is optional but may be added by pressing the camera icon

ii. * “First Name” & “Display Name” must be at least 3 characters long

iii. * “Last Name” may be 1 character

iv. * “Mobile No.” is optional. If adding, please add country code as well as mobile number

4. Page 2 – Secure your account

a. Fill in all fields*, check the 2 check boxes then press “Sign Up”

i. * “Username” may be the same as display name but must be at least 3 characters long

ii. * “Email Address” must be provided for creating an account & providing login credentials

iii. * “Password” must be between 6 to 12 characters & must contain at least 1 letter, 1 number, and 1 special character

5. An email with a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your email address. Remember the digits

6. Add the 6-digit verification code, press “Verify”

Logging In

1. Open app and choose language

2. Fill in the fields and press “Log In”

Forgot Password

1. On Log In page, press “forgot password”

2. Enter email address used in Sign Up then press “Reset Password”

3. An email with a 6-digit verification code will be sent to your email. Remember the digits.

4. Press “OK” on the pop-up message, add the 6-digit verification code, press “Verify”

5. Choose a new password

6. On the Log In page, fill in text fields and press “Log In”

Meeting Designations

How are meetings taking place in the app designated? Is there a cost to the group?

Meetings taking place in the mobile app are registered permanent electronic meetings. When electronic meetings form, they register via the Electronic Meeting Registration process. “These electronic meetings occur globally as well as locally without geographic restrictions … Upon registration, they receive support from and have their voices heard and represented through the WSO.” [Al‑Anon/Alateen Service Manual 2018‑2021 (P‑24/27), p. 89] While there is no charge for groups to meet in the app, members are encouraged to support it through individual seventh tradition contributions. Each meeting has the ability to have audio, video and text chat; based on the group conscience.

Alateen Meetings

Are Alateen meetings available through the Al-Anon Family Groups app? Is there Alateen-specific content available?

We are working through the logistics of allowing Alateen meetings to be facilitated through the mobile app. In the meantime, Alateens are welcome to attend any Al‑Anon meeting. Alateen specific premium content may be made available in the future.


On which platforms can I access the app? How can I access the app?

To use the Al‑Anon Family Groups app, you must have a connected mobile device, e.g. smartphone or tablet that runs Apple iOS or Android operating system. The app is not compatible with desktop or laptop computers and there is no outside dial‑in option. To access the app visit

Premium Content

How is the premium content selected? Can I submit my sharing?

Content for the mobile app is curated from several sources. Contributing your sharing to the WSO may make it available for future selection of member shares for the app.

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Is the app replacing the Al-Anon Family Groups website?

The initial release of the Al‑Anon Family Groups mobile app is to provide a place for members to meet to further their recovery. Ongoing enhancements will be made from time to time to further address the needs of the Fellowship. This app is not a replacement for the Al‑Anon website. The Al‑Anon website remains a quality resource for members and newcomers.